Why the blog? Doesn’t Gwyd live on Facebook?

I do live on Facebook.
Well…Gwyd does. The guy behind Gwyd is a little more secluded.
Gwyd has very few controversial opinions on things. He can’t afford them. He is a public figure- An entertainer. He cannot really afford to alienate entire demographics simply because of a difference of opinion. As a pure entertainer this is not his job.

The fellow behind Gwyd…Well…He has a lot of opinions on things that matter to him very much. He has political stances, unconventional spiritual beliefs and sometimes has a bad day.

Gwyd NEVER has a bad day. A bad moment maybe, an entire day? Never ever!! When the bad moments occur and are posted it is only so that they can be exploited for their comedic value.

Who would want to tune in to see an entertainer complaining about traffic or that their enchilada was too soggy or that their feelings got hurt by a girl 20 years ago and has not gotten entirely over it yet.
People come to Gwyd to be entertained. If he were to complain about something once in a while I suppose it would be ok…I can guarantee he would get a lot of support…But he would lose something in the process.
So…I start a blog. It might say Gwyd the Unusual, but it is really me, Michael. The fellah behind the…clown? Sideshow Freak? Character? Alter Ego?

Secret Identity?

So, if you are reading this expecting to be entertained, you might be. It is really just a public diary for me to spew some thoughts into. If you like reading it, read it! If you don’t…Go visit Gwyd on Facebook. He’ll still love you.


3 comments on “Why the blog? Doesn’t Gwyd live on Facebook?

  1. Robin Ferrell says:

    Go for it, Michael. I wish that I had the nerve to tell the world what I really thought.

  2. stoneunhinged says:

    Funny: I more or less stopped blogging around the time I became immersed in Internet forums. What I craved was a bit of conversation. So let’s make a deal. You keep blogging, and I’ll go back to blogging, and we’ll have a discussion. If only a discussion with a few people.


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