YOLO…You only live once.

I wrote this a while back but was just reminded of it. Welcome to a Gwyd Rant.
YOLO (You only live once)
I saw this beneath a photo “YOLO…LOL!” of a girl holding a beer in one hand while making duck lips and a gang sign.
Really? You proclaim “You only live once”, a very powerful statement, because you are having a drink? This is your celebration of life? I had a beer last night and at no point did I find the need to say “Well, you only live once”. I had the need to think “Hey…This beer tastes good and I am no longer thirsty” but it was certainly not a significant life altering event.
I have seen a lot of other examples of “YOLO” being tossed around very cheaply. Can we try to save it for things that actually have a real impact on your life like…Bear Wrestling? Suddenly packing up and moving to Fiji? Trying something where you have little chance of success but dangit…You are going to try anyway?
I am pretty sure that finishing the beer while making duck lips may have been challenging but in the greater scheme of things…YOLO? Really?


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