Gwyd and the Supernatural

A lot of folks lump me in with the atheists. Generally, I am ok with that. I am not an atheist but I do tend towards science and facts more than anything else. If I am shown scientific proof of something that contradicts with what I believe, I will always defer to science.

That being said, I think that there is a lot of science out there that has yet to be proven.

  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

In my relatively short span of 43 years, I have seen things that I cannot explain. I claim them to be in the realm of the supernatural only in that they cannot CURRENTLY be proven via conventional science. I believe that these things did occur but that a rational explanation has yet to surface. So for the time being they will be placed in the category outside of conventional nature, the Super- Natural.
This is not a new concept. History has played out this scenario many many times. Sea Serpents, The Kraken, Gorillas…all thought to be mythical creatures.

I remember watching a show several years ago- “Legends Revealed” or some such nonsense. In it, they promised to reveal how sea serpents never existed. I was intrigued and had to watch. They proceeded to show an Oarfish.
You know…an Oarfish….A long skinny silver fish with feathery barbles trailing from the skull and reaching a potential of 17 meters long? The one with the dragon like head and ref fins down the length of its back?
They then went on to say “See! There were never any sea serpents…Just this long giant fish that matches the description perfectly!”

I took the absolute opposite path- To me, they had just proven that sea serpents exist. All they had done was given it a more sciency name and said that it doesn’t actually eat people.

Have a look at this article. It shows a drawing of a sea serpent and then three guys holding a small specimen of a recently dead one.-

Bloody right that is a sea serpent!

There is no such thing as a Kraken! Just Giant (And now Colossal) Squids! (Sure looks like a Kraken to me!)

Even gorillas…They weren’t classified as a real animal until 1902! They were on par with bigfoot and now we have them in zoos!

So…Here is a tale of one of my journeys into the supernatural. Did I see ghosts? Was I stalked by nefarious creatures from the underworld? Was I at a place where the veil between this world and another was worn thin? Was it simply a weak spot between dimensions that will some day be explained by science?
I don’t know.

It is simply what happened to me.

Names and locations have been changed as needed.

I had just graduated from High School and turned 18. As a celebration, I and 5 of my school friends (2 other fellahs and our girlfriends) decided to take a week long camping trip into Northern Indiana- Amish Country.
We had a campground surrounded by corn fields, all owned by members of the Amish community. They were friendly enough though they kept to themselves. We did the same.

We did the usual teens on a camp-out things. Bonfires, cuddling in sleeping bags, smoking a few cigarettes…we had even managed to score 6 wine coolers. Yep…Bad kids. One wine cooler each the entire week. We would go into town every now and then…even saw “The Lost Boys” the day it came out in the theater.  We bought breads and cookies from the Amish produce stands and generally relaxed.

Half way through the week we started getting restless and decided to play some hide and seek in the corn by the light of the full moon. We had been out for a while when the girls got bored and wanted to go back to the camp. We walked them back and then went out to resume our fun. As we walked out to where we had been running the rows, we saw a tall figure with a traditional Amish hat standing at the side of the road. We stopped and watched as he turned and walked into the corn.
We were three friendly, outgoing guys with a sense of adventure. So far the Amish had been civil to us but not really what we would consider friendly. We wanted to change that. One of my friends called out to the figure we had seen, hoping he would respond positively. He did not respond at all.
So, we followed him.
We walked back through the cornfield several hundred yards until we came to a clearing. The moon was clear and bright and the air was calm. On the other side of the clearing we saw a black shape about the size of a large raccoon. In fact, that is what I thought it was.

Until it stood up.

Stood up is really not the best description. It rose up. More like it was extruded from the black shape than unfolded from it. It wore an Amish hat and light glinted off of something metal in its hand.
I have been struck by instinctual terror exactly 2 times in my life. This was the second. I went from cheerful fellow out looking for the nice Amish guy to “IneedtorunIneedtorunIneedtorunnow!” in the space of a heartbeat. I pushed my two friends backward out of the clearing to run ahead of me. I knew I was not the fastest and did not want to slow them down. They ran, apparently on the exact same wavelength as myself. They needed to run NOW!
We crashed towards the road, my nearest friend screaming run over and over again, mixed with some choice and otherwise untypable words.
I spared a glance over my shoulder and the hat wearing fellow was right behind me. His eyes shone red in the moonlight as he gained ground. The hand carrying the blade snicked out to take a bloody connecting swipe at my shoulder. I could immediately feel blood welling down my back. Seconds later we all tumbled onto the road.

We ran for another hundred feet before we paused, sensing we were no longer being pursued. We turned to look as the figure, standing as he had when we first spotted him, turned and walked once again into the cornfield.

Needless to say, our sense of adventure was significantly diminished.

Now…I am sure that some of you reading this are thinking  “Children of the Corn” or perhaps even “Jeepers Creepers”. That is a fair thought. Looking back I do see similarities. When this occurred I had not seen or read Children of the Corn and Jeepers Creepers was still 14 years or so away.

And looking at it all logically (Which I truly am prone to do) it can all be explained within the bounds of reality. The only really out of this world thing is the figure rising up out of the shadow instead of standing like a good rational psychopath. Even this can be explained as a trick of the light.

But I promised supernatural. Read on.

There were three distinct instances from the rest of that night that stand out as not normal and more difficult to explain.

The first- As we sat about the fire, relating what we had seen and what had happened (And while I bandaged up my shoulder with some butterflies and tape) one of my friends was smoking a cigarette. The smoke was trickling down. The smoke from the fire went up, the smoke from the cigarette went down and pooled around his feet. It pooled. Not right at all.
When we finally noticed it, we all scattered back. My friend kicked up some of the smoke as we fell back. It clumped in the air then fell back to the pool. Over the next few minutes, that smoke disappeared…sinking into the ground.

The second and third- My smoking friend and I walked a bit away from the camp towards one of the barns nearby. It was lit and seemed that there was some sort of a party going on. We were hoping to talk to someone who knew the area and get some of the things we had encountered settled.
As we walked down the road (It was about a mile or so away) we saw that figure again, on the left side of the road walking through a pasture. We stopped and watched it approach. My friend called out to it and it stopped, raising an arm towards us. Then it melted into something else…A lone horse, staring at us from behind the fence. This occurred no more than 10 feet away over a period of seconds. Nerves? Another trick of the light?
We decided to keep moving forward towards the lit barn on the horizon.
We went on for another five minutes until we stopped and strained our ears. We heard buzzing. Quiet at first but getting slowly louder. From a tree at the right side of the road we saw a cloud streaming from the trunk. A swarm of bees. Bees swarming in the middle of the night (It was at least 1 am at this point). The moon was to our back at this point so we could clearly see the tiny moving shapes as they clustered now, flying in the center of the road. They moved into the shape of a face. It had a mouth that appeared to slowly open in an angry scowl. We started backing away.

Trick of the light? Perhaps and probably. It was however too perfect..I saw a face dammit. And since when do bees swarm in the middle of the night?

Our reverie at this strange sight was interrupted by a clattering of hooves coming down the road at high speed from behind us.  We looked and saw a wagon with two horses barreling towards us. We flung ourselves to the side of the road as it passed. Behind the reins was an Amish teen…The one who helped run the campground, his two brothers riding in the back…

“Hey dudes” in a heavy Amish Accent “Get Laid!!”

When we looked back, the bees were fading back into the tree trunk.
We decided to give up for the night. We stayed the rest of the night in the pop up camper, huddled up and speaking in hushed tones.

The rest of the week passed without incident.
I don’t know the cause of anything we encountered. I make no claims as to what we had stumbled into. These were the events as I experienced them.

I mentioned that this was the second time I had experienced instinctual terror. I will write about the first tomorrow.